Friday, October 14, 2016

"The Best Hotel" Free ESL Lexis Lesson for A2 (Pre-Intermediate)

Here's a fun lexis lesson for lower level students. The vocabulary around the lesson deals with hotels. At the end of the lesson, students will create their own type of hotel (in groups) and try to determine which pair/group has the best hotel in the class.
Introduction: about 2 minutes
Start the class by role-playing checking into a hotel. Play both the guest and the front desk. Elicit from the students what you're doing.
Lead in: 5-7 min
Demo out these questions and put students in pairs/groups to answer them.
1. Do you like to travel? Where are some interesting places you have been to?
2. Where do you like to stay when you travel?
3. What’s the best/worst place you have ever stayed at?
Target Language: under 10 minutesElicit, CCQ and board these words.
a hotel, a bed and breakfast, a resort, a hostel, a guest, a maximum capacity, to be located, a location, a single/double/suite/dormitory, facilities, a quality, staff/the staff, various potential lexis related to facilities as needed.
Study 1:5-10 minutes

Put students in pairs and have them pick a word from the target language and describe it. The other student has to guess which word it is. Have them go back and forth until all of the words are completed.
Study 2: 15 minutes
Materials: flip-chart, drawing of hotel, paper for students.
Have a pre-made flip chart or board these questions.
1. Do you have a hotel, hostel, bed and breakfast, or resort? What’s the name
2. Where are you located/What’s the location?
3. What’s your maximum capacity?
4. How many staff work there?
5. What are your guests like?
6. What kinds of rooms do you have? Describe what they look like and how much they cost.
7. What facilities does your /resort/bed and breakfast/hostel have?
8. What are three qualities that make your /resort/bed and breakfast/hostel special?
Demo this out yourself. Show the students the picture of your /resort/bed and breakfast/hostel and have them ask you the questions first. Once you go through the questions with them, put them in groups and have them create their own travel accommodation. Make sure to monitor their progress and help them with the language as needed.
Activation: 10 minutes
Hotel Conference 
Once the students have completed their hotels, you can move to the the activation.
Set the scene and tell students that they are at a hotel conference. They have to speak to the other groups and find out as much as they can about the other hotels. They are then supposed to grade the different hotels on overall quality. The class decides which hotel is the best deal for the money.
For this, it’s a good idea to demo out exactly what you want them to do. Use your own hotel as an example. After about 10 minutes of the groups learning about the different hotels, the class can decide which one is the best.
Board mistakes as you hear them. Try to get about 7 mistakes on the board. Have the class correct the mistakes. End the lesson with a joke.